Professional Summary

Research and implement solutions using Machine Learning, NLP, image classification, Pattern Recognition, web crawling, and Data Mining. My experience includes classification algorithms, active and semi-supervised learning, clustering, probabilistic models, NLP. Along with research, I Design, build, and architect end-to-end application.


Languages: Python, Java


Nltk, spacy, Syntaxnet, UIMA, Annotation pipeline

Machine Learning: Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow

Databases: Postgres, MongoDB, Oracle,MySQL

Deep learning: Transformers, CNN, RNN, Transfer learning, LSTM, Attention Mechanism

Other tools: Git, Docker,selenium, Elasticsearch,AWS,RabitMQ

👩🏻‍💻 Work experience

NLP Engineer

Accrete*, Mumbai – (09-Nov-2020 to Present)*

  1. POC of relation extraction model using allennlp
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